What Do YOU Want?

So…..what’s your answer? Well, you might have just listed a lot of things. I want more time, I want a new car, I want some lunch–I’m hungry. Ok, wait. Let’s start over….What do you REALLY want in life? Woh-a, you say…That’s a big one. Yes, it IS big. And your life is big too. And sometimes we spend a lot of years working toward something we THINK we want. And when we get there, it might be just ok. Or maybe we realize along the way, we really didn’t want THIS exactly.Or maybe we get there and it’s great…for a month, a day, an hour.

Knowing what YOU really want is a huge element of getting out of the ‘Just Fines’. It is quite common that we have made decisions that SEEMed right or made sense or were what everyone expected us to do or what everyone else was doing. And this is a sure way to end up in the Just Fines. Because if you didn’t make the choices based on what YOU truly wanted, then they weren’t YOUR choices and although they might lead you to fine, it is unlikely they will result in the MORE you are looking for.

So wherever you are right now, start thinking about what YOU truly want. What is it that gives you energy, what inspires you? What fills you up inside when you think about it? There are plenty of tools out there to help you explore more. But start with these simple questions and see where they take you. Start collecting some clues as to what you want your life to look like when you have stopped settling for Just Fine–there is SO much more out there for you. I KNOW there is!












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