Are You Living Your Artful Journey?

A while back an author friend mine, Sally Wolfe, came up with a title for my coaching work & the product line I’ve created. Sally is an accomplished copywriter as well so when she got off on this tangent while we were casually having coffee one day, I was very interested. When she first uttered the words, An Artful Journey, they hit me like the energy of an old friend you haven’t seen for a while. They felt a bit far away, but oh so familiar. The more I played with the words, the warmer and more comfortable they felt within and just like with that old friend who reappears, I wondered what had taken me so long to find them again.

Since then, I’ve had time to get acquainted with this idea of an Artful Journey. I know that it felt familiar because its essence encompasses the ideas that are inherent in my coaching and products:

  • Possibility is everywhere. An Artful Journey is one of tapping into Possibility – knowing there are limitless possibilities, even when they are hiding from us
  • There is nothing in you that needs to be fixed. All the hurts, wounds, challenges are just information. How will you learn and grow with this information?
  • Everything is a choice. And it’s time you are making conscious choices – instead of being on automatic pilot – so you are creating the life you truly want.

Wrapping all of this up into the term of Artful Journey, I’ve come to this definition: Living creatively & consciously with ease & purpose; being the artist of your life.

There is so much struggle out in the world and a lot of this struggle has to do with individuals struggling internally – not understanding what they truly want or who they truly are. This is not Artful – it’s really the opposite. It’s being on automatic pilot and often times it results in making changes as we go, but always ending up ultimately in the same place. So many people are letting life dictate how happy they are instead of getting in the driver’s seat, deciding what they want and driving the car in that direction by making conscious choices.

Living creatively and consciously looks different for everyone and there is obviously no one right way to do it. I do have some tools & tips though that can help AND I know that the more we see people doing this out in the world, the more we understand that it’s possible. We’ll be developing & delving into these ideas more in the posts to come.

For now, what does living Your Artful Journey mean for you?












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