Do You Practice TRUE Self-Care?

Recently I’ve been using strong language when it comes to Self-Care – talking about an epidemic of over-committed, over-worked, over-giving people (mostly women) & saying we need a Self-Care Revolution. Sounds a bit dramatic, perhaps, but I think we need to really look at the current situation. You hear the term Self-Care a lot out there in the world today. However, most of what I hear is just treating the symptoms – things like massages, taking a bit of You time, getting enough sleep etc. ALL of those things are excellent and they can be a vital part of Self-Care. However, there’s a deeper issue – and that is the element of truly connecting with Yourself. These days, I define TRUE Self-Care as: A set of tools that allow you to align with yourself.

We have so many opportunities in front of us and so many choices – many more than we’ve ever had before. That’s wonderful and exciting. It doesn’t mean we’re supposed to do it all, though, and say Yes to everything that comes our way. With all of these opportunities, it’s almost as if we missed a step – we jumped into the wealth of opportunities without the tools needed to navigate them. For example, we missed the step where we evaluate our TOP priorities, where we learn to differentiate between what we feel obligated to do and what we feel committed to (there’s a big difference!) and where we learn to say ‘No” gracefully and without guilt.

Knowing those steps and the skills that enable us to achieve more balance, to continually discover more about ourselves without judgment and to accept the hiccups and challenges that come along at any given time – that is TRUE Self-Care. It’s all about knowing yourself well enough that you know when you are out of balance, when you need outside help & you know how to ask for it. You know when you need extra quiet time and how to communicate that with loved ones. It’s a whole skill set that takes a bit of time to master. Once you master it, though, there is room for more peace, contentment, joy and balance than you ever knew.

So, what do you think? Are you ready for the Self-Care Revolution? Please share your experience – what types of things get in the way of You feeling truly connected or aligned with You?












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