Where did You go?

A client of mine, let’s call her Lucy, and I were recently having a discussion about putting some more activities in her weekly schedule that would add to her overall well-being. These were things that would give her more energy and would both give her joy AND ultimately bring her more efficiency and productivity while she was working. She was very clear on this connection and was all for putting some time in her schedule.

However, what she discovered was that she couldn’t really connect with what these activities might be. For the past years, she had been concentrating on her family and her business. Her schedule had been so busy that she had felt as if she was in survival mode most of the time and hadn’t given one thought to these ‘well-being’ activities. She was unclear about what types of things might bring that feeling of well-being and/or connection to her.

This can happen to us at times in our lives – perhaps we are so devoted to our jobs or our partners or our children or our friends etc. (or a combination of all these things!)  that we forget about what things allow us to connect with ourselves. If you’re here, then, just like Lucy, this is a perfect opportunity for you to step back & ponder. Begin by asking yourself a few questions, such as “If I could do anything right now, what would I like to do?” or “What would feel really good to do right now?”

Now, don’t worry if you can’t do those activities – this isn’t an exercise about being realistic. The idea is just to begin checking in with yourself – where are your interests, your desires? What are you curious about? What sounds exciting to you or comforting? Set aside a few minutes each day to think about this – for 5 to 7 days. Set a timer or post a note somewhere so you don’t forget – we need support in remembering to ask the questions when we aren’t in this habit. Begin a list – a list of Connecting activities – and keep adding to it. Which one calls you the most?

Feel free to share any insights in the Leave a Reply box below. What types of things have you forgotten that allow you to connect with You?












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