How Nourished Are You?

What feeds me – what nourishes me?

This is an excellent question to have in your toolbox. So often, we forget to ask ourselves this question. We forget to check in to make sure the answers haven’t changed. This magical question is actually one that is extremely useful in two ways:

The first way we can use the question is when we are running on empty. With all that is happening in the world and in our lives, it is easy to get depleted. It is easy to use all our energy and resources and when we reach the bottom of the energy well, it can take quite a lot to fill it up again.

When you feel as if there’s a bit too much going on, you can ask the question: What would most nourish me right now? And then honor that to the degree you can. Perhaps you most need sleep, but you are in the middle of the workday and can’t give yourself that. But you could give yourself a few deep breaths, acknowledging that you are tired and that you will give yourself that sleep as soon as you are able. Maybe a warm cup of tea or just a brisk walk around your work area – something to stimulate you back to yourself. Do your best wherever you are to do something nourishing for yourself in the moment.

The second way the question is helpful is on a more general level. Knowing what nourishes you in general, what feeds you can really help keep you on track so that your well never does go dry. If you are continuously asking and answering this magical question and honoring your answers, you will be continuously filling your well.

So what types of things nourish you – is it good food, connection, creativity, inspiration, hugs, walks, nature, a good book? What nourishes you and how often do you really nourish yourself in the ways that fill you up the most?

Whether your energy well is dry or full, you’re invited to practice using the Nourishment tool this week  by asking these questions: How nourished am I feeling right now? What is one thing I can do to bring my nourishment level up?












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