Connecting with Joy

Joy. It’s such a short, simple word. Very uncomplicated, wouldn’t you say? But boy, don’t we sometimes make feeling it and experiencing it a lot more complicated than it needs to be?

So first off…a few questions for you. What brings you Joy? And what does Joy Feel like when you do experience it? These are questions that might take a little getting used to. You might need to think of a few examples and just take a step back, and remember when the last time you felt joyful was. What were you doing? Then, once you have this memory in mind, how did it feel?

Many of my clients want to experience more Joy. Then when we start discussing and exploring it, they realize that there are actually many Joy-filled moments throughout their days. The thing is, they are so easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention. If you haven’t connected with what it feels like, then it might pass right by you without you getting to relish in it and really feeeeeel it.

In our society, many people are on the active pursuit of happiness. And sometimes it feels like a race – “how quickly can I get ‘there’” and “when I get ‘there’, I’ll be happy”. It can even feel like they’re setting themselves up for failure as anytime they aren’t feeling joyful or happy, it’s as if their unsuccessful in their pursuit – i.e. they are failing.

And what if we stop pursuing happiness and simply live in the joyful moments as they come? What if there is no pursuit, but just being & relishing in where you are?

Also, if Joy feels far away for some reason – perhaps you’re in a slump, you’ve had a loss, the holidays get you down etc. – that’s ok. You can’t force Joy. And beating yourself up for not being able to connect with Joy is a surefire way cut to yourself off even more from allowing in some Joy. So relax. Reach out for extra support (personal or professional) if you need it. Know that where you are is where you are and allow the learning to come in from this place. This doesn’t mean to dwell in negative feelings. It means you can be where you are and allow it to move through you. Remember you won’t always be here. And know that as you are allowing, you’re opening the doors to little bits of Joy finding you.

Whether you are low or high on the Joy scale this week, as you move through the holiday, you’re invited to explore Joy. Notice when it shows up and notice how you meet it. Are you quick to let it pass or do you stop and let it fill you up? Do you keep it to yourself or do you express  it and share it with others? As with everything else, the more you focus on experiencing Joy, the more you will feel it. So, go ahead & get a little crazy with Joy and see what happens.












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