Stepping into Your Boldness

A key element to living an Artful Journey – living life on your own terms – is stepping into your own unique formula of Boldness. Each of us has a different definition of what Bold is. Speaking in front of a roomful of people might be Bold for some while for others this feels natural and easy.

The common denominator with any Bold experience is the streeeeetttttccccchhhhh. For you, it feels like a stretch. And it’s a particular kind of stretch. It’s a stretch that also feels like a leap – a leap into new territory. And when we are in this new territory, it’s actually not all that new because it is in line with who we really are, what we really want. Stay with me a sec….

There are Bold moves that we take on because they seem exciting or because we see others doing it and something about it appeals to us. And there are Bold moves that we know, deep down, are necessary for us to be even more of who we want to be – they allow something to unlock within us, gradually or immediately.  When we take the leap, despite how scary it feels, we instantly know that it was the right move, no matter what the outcome is.

And that’s the beauty of Boldness. Sometimes we hold ourselves back from being Bold because we think we might fail. But if we’re REALLY tuned into the spirit of Boldness, there’s actually no ‘right’ outcome of a Bold move because just the Bold move itself is a success. The Bold move is allowing you to align more with yourself. So again, no matter how it turns out, you win.

So where are you right now in terms of Boldness? Is there a certain area of your life that you’d like to stretch more in? No matter how you answered those questions, you might also like to consider the following 3 areas where most of us can tune in to being more Bold on a daily basis.

1. Express yourself directly, honestly & compassionately. This can be a bold move. It might involve telling someone how you feel about them and not knowing if it’s reciprocated. It might mean telling someone you disagree with them. It might mean being vulnerable about how you are truly feeling. It is Bold to be authentically You no matter what others may think. And this honesty, with youreslf & others, can allow more depth in your relationships – again with yourself & with others.

2. Say No. For many, saying no can take practice. We want to be involved, included etc and saying yes becomes a habit. When we say No to something that doesn’t feel right to us, even if it doesn’t make sense to others, this is a Bold move. If you then let go of what you think others are saying and thinking about you and really experience what it’s like to honor You and your choices, this Bold move can free up a lot of time and energy.

3. Make & Live your own Game Rules. Last week we talked about Game Rules (here’s a recap if you need it). When we stop following what others say and we start making conscious choices about how we are living, THAT is Bold. When we start doing this, it can feel that all that we once knew has disappeared. We start building up our own definitions and truths and as a result, there is a solid foundation to stand on, instead of external concepts and conditions that can be taken away in an instant. Start slowly with this and be gentle in the process.

You’re invited to play with Boldness this week. Stretch here and there. Be curious about what Boldness feels like when you tap into it, when you honor it, when you live it. Notice what happens inside You when you’re Bold. And as usual, feel free to leave thoughts and/or comments in the Reply box below.












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