Tuning into Energy-Fueled Action

Have you ever decided to do something and it’s as if there is some inner motor that is turned on & all you need to do is show up? Instead of pushing and pushing to make it happen, it’s as if we are propelled forward in action, which creates more energy. This leaves YOU feeling energized and not drained. THIS is what I like to call Energy-Fueled Action and it is an essential element of any Artful Journey.

It is absolutely possible to get things done by pushing to make things happen. And we can accomplish quite a bit when we do this. However, there is also a cost. A lot of times, we lose life balance and can feel scattered, overwhelmed and even exhausted. If you look around, I bet you’ll see a lot of this (perhaps even in your own life?).

When we tune into Energy-Fueled Action, we adopt a new approach. We let go of the out-dated belief that it has to be ‘hard’ to get what we want (you know, that silly ‘no pain, no gain’ motto). We let go of the mis-informed notion that we can control every last detail in order to make things happen as we want. We let go of the question, “How can I MAKE this happen?” and instead employ the beautiful magical question of “What WANTS to happen here?”

Now, if you haven’t tried this before, you might think it sounds a bit out there. And you might think it sounds as if I’m suggesting non-action or even complacency. I can assure you that’s the last thing I’m suggesting. Instead, this is an invitation into a different approach – a way of lining up with the energy of what REALLY wants to happen and moving along the stream of that (instead of trying to make your own stream).

I will admit this approach takes time to get used to. It takes practice to tune in and feel what wants to happen. It takes practice to quiet that little active mind that is reciting the “you should be doing _____ ” (fill in the blank) script and tune into what you REALLY know about the next step. That means the action is not necessarily ‘action’ in the usual sense of making the ‘to-do’ list and checking it off as you go. Instead, the action might mean asking yourself that magic question of “What wants to happen” 3 times a day until you see/feel/sense the answer. It might mean doing something creative to give your mind a break from trying to figure things out so the creative, solution-finding space can find you.

This week you are invited to play with this approach – whether it’s new or not for you. The idea is to find the flow of things and step right into that. When we follow the energy instead of trying to create it ourselves, there is an ease to our actions and the happenings and situations of our lives.

As you tune into Energy-Fueled Action this week, think of something in your life that feels challenging right now. Instead of trying to force things or make something happen here, ask the magic question instead: What wants to happen here?  Where does this lead you? Feel free to share your thoughts, comments and questions in the Comment Box below.












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