Relishing YOUR Magic Moments

Magic Moment: descriptive noun. 1. A moment when time seems to stop and you are immersed in the goodness – in whatever form it appears. 2. A brief time when you feel, sense something deeply; you appreciate it & the feeling/sensation invades your body. You are present.

When was the last time you Relished a Magic Moment? In this busy world of ours, it can be a challenge to notice them. Yes, I say notice because they are all around you all the time. With the demands of work, family, friends, interests etc., our time is so scheduled and there is usually a purpose/goal to each activity we are taking part it. It’s great to have a purpose and goal AND this means that often times we are so focused on this purpose/goal, we forget to open up to everything else we could experience – we forget to Relish.

Relishing a Magic Moment can take place anywhere at any time – it could be a shaft of light through a window in the morning or evening, a smile from a stranger, witnessing the delight of a child with a new discovery, a butterfly, a flower, watching the pure joy of a dog at the beach, the quiet in a forest, the fall of the rain on thirsty earth, a perfect utterance from someone you care about. The list is endless. Relishing Magic Moments allows us to stop, to take in the wonder and to FEEEL. No matter what is going on in your life at the time, a Magic Moment can remind you that all is well – that there is a bigger picture than your job, your relationship, your life circumstances.

If you haven’t experienced a Magic Moment for a while, a perfect way to get started is to observe nature. Slow down and take a look around you. Listen to the sounds of the birds, look at the trees – the colors, the shapes. If you’re close to the water or a forest, take advantage of that and go for a walk there with the simple ‘purpose’ of paying attention. If bodies of water and forests are out of easy reach, any tree or garden will do. The main ingredient for a Magic Moment is Space – the space to observe, to sense, and to let the magic find you.

Living an Artful Journey requires space as well so  Relishing and noticing Magic Moments become a key component as you are making more conscious decisions about how you are spending your time and how you are living. Remember it’s a process.

I’ll leave you with an example… This morning a Magic Moment found me on my morning walk. The neighborhood hadn’t woken up yet so it was quiet. I reached a point on the street that I’ve walked on hundreds of times, but today the light was just so – shining on a garden and a tree with beautiful colors. It was quiet and still and vibrant all at the same time and I was filled with a sense of awe, of wonder, of well-being in the moment. It was just like Magic. I took it in. I let my senses breathe in the beauty of the sight, the sounds of the birds & the air on my skin. I relished.

Do you have a Magic Moment you’d like to share – feel free to do that in the Comment section below.












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