Giving Yourself the Gift of Space

Of all the elements of living an Artful Journey – a life lived on your own terms – the one that might be most neglected is Space. This is a tool that so many people crave, often without knowing it.

Throughout our days, we are constantly bombarded by information, requests, responsibilities, thoughts etc. There is so much going on in our lives and the pace seems to get faster and faster. This tool invites you to slow down a bit – to take some time to simply BE.

Space gives you the opportunity to breathe – to sit back and see what’s all around you with new eyes. It gives you the chance to look at where you are and examine how and why you’re doing things. When we allow Space in – instead of trying to achieve something, solve something or figure something out, – there’s room for appreciation, reflection, new thoughts, new possibilities, a creative idea, a new perspective.

We can use the tool of Space in a general way – just remembering to allow some breathing room in our days. This looks different for everyone – it could involve scheduling some quiet time early in the morning before the house wakes up, it could mean a morning walk or time that you meditate or listen to music. The idea is that you don’t have to ‘do’ anything – except relax into yourself, relax into the moment.

When we’re not used to allowing Space into our lives, it can feel a little overwhelming or scary or uncertain. Many people are so used to scheduling every minute that if some Space appears all they know to do is to fill it with another activity. The invitation this week is to explore Space is a new way. Or if you’re used to giving yourself Space, then this week you’re invited to bring it in on an even deeper level. Wherever you are, take some time this week to play with Space – being in the moment, noticing what’s around you, what you’re feeling inside, where you currently are and where you’d like to go.

We can also use the Space tool in a more specific way – to support us in moving through a current struggle or conflict or some uncertainty. Think of an area where you feel challenged or stuck right now. Most likely, you have focused on this and have been trying to figure out a solution. Usually when we do this, the energy become quite constricted and there’s not a lot of room for movement. So, this week, let’s try something new. Each time the challenge comes up in your mind, picture a wide open space like an ocean, a field, the sky. Take a few breaths and notice what the energy feels like from this place. You don’t have to do anything. You’re simply letting some Space in. Continue to do this and be aware of any new ideas and thoughts that come in. What are you inspired to do from this place?

As you explore Space this week – either in the general sense or with a specific challenge – notice how it feels. What do you notice when you take the time to bring a little Space into your day?

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