Noticing Your Shift Miracles

Transformation is a part of every Artful Journey – living life on your own terms. When we become really aware of the choices we are making and begin living more consciously and creatively, it is automatic that a part of us transforms.

When we are wanting to change our lives in some way – reach some new goal, change an old pattern that doesn’t serve us, get out of a relationship that depletes us instead of energizes us – we are ready for some kind of change or transformation. Often times we look for a big change or revelation. In our society these days, especially, we are often looking for quick fixes.

We can transform by making a big change, definitely. And often times, it might even seem tempting to change everything. However, changing everything at once can be quite disruptive. Although there might be some relief initially, we must then go through the process of adjusting to these big changes afterwards and this can be very challenging. So there is an easier way. We can shift things slowly, noticing the small shifts as we make them and acknowledging our progress along the way. These shifts and the transforming gems beneath them are the Shift Miracles.

Say, for example, you want to have a healthier lifestyle – maybe you want to lose weight, feel stronger, eat healthier food, drink less, whatever this might mean for you and depending where you are starting from. From your unique starting place, you can ask “What’s one small shift I could make in the next couple weeks that would move me toward this healthier lifestyle goal?” When I ask clients this, they might say “I want to exercise more.” Great! My next question is usually, “How much are you exercising now?” Often the answer is not at all. A small shift might be exercising 2-3 times a week. This is more than what’s happening now and would be a new routine that would be relatively easy to implement and sustain.

After a couple of weeks of exercising 2-3 times a week, you can then acknowledge this new shift. It’s actually a big step to move from no regular exercise to 2 – 3 times a week. We get to celebrate this and feel how this new routine is moving us closer to our goal. Then we get to ask the question again, “From where I am now, what is one small shift I can make in the next couple weeks that will move me even closer to my healthier lifestyle goal?” Now these shifts are little miracles in themselves AND what goes on beneath them are even more transforming. This under-the-surface action might be something like the fact that you have a little more energy than before, you’re feeling more hopeful, you start having a thought like, “I can actually do this.” Those small shifts in attitude, thought, energy are where the real fuel is for your new healthier lifestyle. It is these that will propel you forward.

The idea is that transformation is a  beautiful process. We don’t need to rush through it. The small outer shfits can lead us to new ways of thinking, of being. It’s important that we pay attention and acknowledge these small shifts as they occur. As we are exploring ourselves and identifying things that no longer serve us or more things that we want, we can shift away from and into these slowly – one Shift Miracle at a time.

What is something in your life that you’d like to shift right now? What one small shift could you make to move toward this in an easeful way? Feel free to share comments, ideas and questions in the Reply box below.












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