Tuning In to What Feeds You

What feeds you? It’s a powerful question and one I like to ask my clients often. In the beginning, they might not have a good answer. Many times they have been spending most of their time taking care of other people or things or responsibilities and not tuning into themselves. It might take a little exploration to connect with what it is that nourishes us on a regular basis.

As we go through our busy lives, it’s easy to remain on automatic pilot. We can continue doing something because it’s the way we’ve always done it, regardless of whether it is really what we want to be doing or if it’s serving us. We can also do things out of obligation or ‘shoulds’ without really realizing it.

When we begin to pay attention to how we feel throughout the day, we get loads of information. Our energy level, tightness in our bodies, the emotions that we are feeling – all of these are excellent signs as to what is feeding and nourishing us and what isn’t. The Nourishment tool invites you to pay attention and to honor what you are feeling.

Where would you say you are currently on the Nourishment scale? There was a time in my life when I was at an all time low in terms of Nourishment. I was working at a job that was quite a mis-match for me in terms of values and goals. Without knowing I was doing it, I allowed myself to get completely disconnected from what was most important to me. It actually took my body saying a BIG ‘no’ by producing symptoms I couldn’t ignore for me to understand how under-nourished I was.

Slowly, I began making different choices. First it was in small ways – I read books with new ideas and new ways for me to consider living my life and I took a class here and there that interested me. As I began nourishing myself in these small ways, it was easier to see openings of new jobs and new careers and eventually I went back to school and got my Master’s Degree in a subject I was passionate about, which was nourishment on a big scale.

That was almost 20 years ago and since then I’ve come a long way with Nourishing myself. But even though these days, I’d rate myself quite high on the scale, I still need to remind myself to check in. Sometimes I forget that I need a dose of adventure or travel here and there and I feel off and a little lost. Then, I decide to take a trip and even before I go, I feel more connected, more energized, more excited about everything. Or I go a few days without being in nature and I feel scattered and less like me. As soon as I see the ocean, feel the sand, touch a tree or even just notice the birds, the clarity I’ve been looking for comes back.

Nourishment is a process – one you get to practice every day with that simple question: What do I need today to feel truly Nourished? So no matter where you currently are on the Nourishment scale, you’re invited to explore this topic this week. Notice what happens when you ask yourself the ‘magic’ question and what else happens when you honor the answer. As usual, feel free to comment, share and/or ask questions in the Reply box below.












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