Let Your Uniqueness Flow

Who am I?

It’s such a good question and one that might take some pondering. Usually when we answer that question, we come up with roles – I’m a woman, I’m a mother, I’m a friend, a daughter, a sister, a teacher, a manager, a Christian, an atheist, a vegetarian and on and on. These roles can help our brains categorize those we meet and ourselves.

The idea of Uniqueness is meant to really explore ALL of you. Not just those roles, but those parts of you that make you unique. This means that beautiful unique mixture of your upbringing, your ancestors, the decisions you’ve made, the causes you care about, the things that inspire you, the things you’ve decided to do and those you haven’t.

A great exercise to do when it comes to Uniqueness is to think about some of the things you’ve done in your life that you’re the most proud of. Make a list of these things. Then, look at each one. As you reflect on these, go even deeper and ask yourself what about YOU made this possible. What characteristics did you employ, did you engage with in order to do those things? Make a list of these too.

When I ask clients to do this exercise, it can often feel challenging at first. The more you explore, the more you begin to understand that there is a unique combination of qualities that lives within you – that IS you. The more you tap into this Uniqueness, the more it can come out – finding more expression and leading you to more of what you want, allowing you to be in the world on a whole new level.

Explore this idea of Uniqueness this week. Look around at others and notice their Unique formula. And continue to explore your own formula – and when you’re ready, form your own answer to that beautiful question of “Who am I?” Feel free to share comments, questions or thoughts in the reply box below.












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