Using the Power of Your Intention

The word Intention is one that may take some reflection. When we think about our aim with something or our purpose, we might instead use words like that or words like achievement or goals. Intention, though, can bring us to a deeper level, and it  is actually  one powerful tool. It allows us to get to the essence of what we want, what we’re trying to achieve, do, be or communicate.

When we talk about our Intention with something, we’re talking about the energy underneath our actions and words. When we leave it out, so many other things can seem important. We can focus on trying to prove something, trying to convince someone of something or even what we expect to happen in a situation.

I’ve seen magic happen when using the power of intention – both in my life and in the lives of my clients. Say someone has done something that feels hurtful. Our first instinct might be to lash out or to retreat or do something else that will most likely put us further away from where we started. By looking at our Intention and asking, “what do I really want here?” it’s like we have a guide. We can keep on track toward what we really want without getting lost in disappointment, criticism, proving our point etc.

So in the case above, we might decide our Intention is to honor ourselves and the relationship with the other person. All actions, all words, all behaviors can be weighed against the question, “Am I honoring myself and the relationship?” This means that lashing out probably wouldn’t cut it, but communicating with the person about how you feel and having a conversation about moving forward would. The beauty is that Your Intention will allow you stay connected with what is most important to you.

I’ve seen many clients struggling with communicating with someone about something important to them – perhaps it’s saying no to something or having a conversation with a manager about a conflict at work. It can often seem so challenging because we want to be understood. And while being understood is nice, we have no control over it except to communicate our truth in the best way we can. Beyond that, it’s all up to the other person. If we direct our attention to our intention – staying true to what is most important in the given situation – we can know that no matter how anything turns out, we’ve honored that.

You can never make anyone else do anything. But you can act and behave in a way that is consistent with your intention. And that is a powerful place to come from each and every day.

So this week you’re invited to explore Your Intention/s. If you’re stuck somewhere wondering how to move forward or if you want to step up your business or your life to the next level, keep asking yourself, “What is my real intention here/with this?” Listen for the answer and follow the map that is revealed to you, one Intention-filled step at a time.












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