How Your Inner & Outer Style Can Be Best Friends

We hear a lot about style – at least when it comes to the outside. There are even loads of quizzes you can take to find out what kind of outer style you have. Here’s one if you want to play! (I’m Simply Relaxed, how about you?)

When it comes to inner style, we don’t really hear as much, or at least we might not think of it that way. But it’s an excellent exercise when we do.

What are some of the favorite qualities of you, would you say? Perhaps it’s kindness, compassion, integrity, humor, vitality, high energy, laid back-ness (yes, I made up that word), harmonious, creative, adventurous, playful, etc. Or maybe these aren’t qualities you feel are consistent within you, but you want them to be.

Our inner style has to do with how we communicate, how we express ourselves, even how we talk to ourselves – the thoughts that run through our minds.

Using those qualities you identified above, how well do you do interacting with yourself and others using them? How much are you expressing the qualities that are most important to you?

If compassion is a quality you want to express, pay attention to the words you use – both for others, but even for yourself. What’s the voice you use when talking to others or the sound of your voice in your mind when you do something you wish you hadn’t? How can you bring more compassion out in your communication and in your energy as a whole?

In terms of your outer style, you can check in with what qualities are most important too. If you’re wanting to express your adventurous spirit, but your outer style has remained the same for the past 20 years, perhaps it’s time to update a bit. Or maybe you haven’t been thinking about your outer style very much, so it could be a perfect opportunity to pay it some attention with a conscious effort toward ‘adventure’.

Of course this could mean buying a completely new wardrobe, but for some this isn’t the right option for a variety of possible reasons. Instead, you can go shopping in your closet with ‘adventure’ in mind. Simply go through the clothes and accessories you do have with the question, “What could I wear that would allow me to connect and feel good about Adventurous me?” This might mean a bold combination of clothing or adding ‘adventurous’ accessories. And perhaps you do want to add something new – a pair of shoes that feels adventurous or something else that brings that feeling out in you.

When we pay attention to our inside and outside style, we allow more of us to be expressed. We become more conscious of who we are being – who we are presenting to others and ourselves. Perhaps some of the qualities will be the same for your inner & outer style and perhaps they won’t. That’s not important. What is important is that you’re aware of both so you’re not neglecting either. This way those qualities can learn to live together and play together harmoniously & in support of each other.

This week, you’re invited to go on an Inside Out Style exploration. Be curious about what you’re expressing with both the inner and outer styles and curious about how you might want to shift this to connect even more deeply with all of YOU!












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