Tuning into Abundance

Abundance. It has been a hot topic for a while now. As with most hot topics, I like to start with a definition. m-w says: 1. an ample quantity; 2. affluence, wealth; 3. relative degree of plentifulness.

Abundance is a big word that we can make complicated. There are ‘magic’ formulas and programs out there with tips on how to live an abundant life. When you think you need a formula to experience Abundance, it’s most likely time to widen the lens a bit.

Abundance is all around us. Of course the question is, what Abundance are we tuning into? It might be Abundance of money or love or nature or creativity or compassion or art of air or wellness or… When we tune into Abundance, it’s really an exercise in Focus.

So many times we notice what we don’t have – we notice the gap between where we are and where we want to be. We forget about the ‘relative degree of plentifulness’ and focus on the fact that we don’t have ‘enough’ of whatever it is we want. That’s why it’s a useful exercise to ponder and reflect on what Abundance/s you are focusing on. Simply asking the question, “What Abundance am I tuning into right now?” can help you see your focus. From there, you can choose to tune into Abundance even more.

No matter what’s going on in life. it’s usually possible to find at least one area where we can can see the positive plentifulness – perhaps it’s health, relationships, work, money, music, love, play, nature, food, compassion, art or any combination of these or other subjects. If you had to choose, which one of these or some other area feels Abundant to you right now?

With that subject in mind, notice what it feels like when you think about and soak in the Abundance in this area.What other things do you notice, when you let yourself soak in the Abundance – is there joy, connection, stability, excitement?

This week, experiment with Abundance. If you’d like an example of what living this concept looks like and feels like, read A Story of Abundance.

What does your Abundance Story sound and look like?












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