Letting Inspiration Find You

Isn’t it a beautiful thing when the well of inspiration is full? You know, when you feel inspired to do the things you want to do and it feels effortless. Sometimes it even feels a little overwhelming because there is SO much to do and it all sounds so good, you don’t know where to start.

And then there are the times when the opposite is true. When the inspiration well is running on empty and it feels like everything takes effort. When this happens, it’s almost like there is so little in the well, it can be difficult to even find that little spark of inspiration to get you started.

So what do YOU do to fill the well? Where do you find YOUR inspiration? Is there something you like to do that never fails to inspire you – maybe a walk in nature, doing something creative, listening to music?

I definitely have MY list of things to get my inspiration spark lit. And you know what, sometimes none of them work. This can feel frustrating & in times like this, it’s tempting to want ‘solve’ this problem and figure it all out. But I’ve learned from experience that this is NOT the best way to deal with an empty inspiration well.

When I’ve tried a few of the things that usually inspire me and I notice that the inspiration still feels like it’s gone forever, I know that THIS is the time to step back. Instead of pushing through and trying to find the inspiration at any cost, I must instead relax and stop searching. The more I search, the more I feel the emptiness of the inspiration void.

As I relax into this part of the inspiration cycle, things open up a bit. When they open, I feel these tiny shifts. I realize that I don’t need to DO anything. As I relax, as I open, the inspiration energy flows. The more relaxed and open I am, the more likely it is that that inspiration will seep in – that it will find ME. When I am able to remember this, it’s almost like I can hear Inspiration’s gentle voice: I’m here. Don’t worry. I won’t every go away. But I need space. As you give me space and let the ‘void’ be, I will re-emerge in a way that you could never imagine – a way that will delight you and fill you with awe.

So, wherever you are in the inspiration cycle, remember that it IS a cycle. I invite you to truly enjoy the times that inspiration comes to you with ease and to appreciate the times that it feels as if it will never return. Explore the things that bring you inspiration and remember that sometimes you might to just need to step back. As you do, be open to those little signs, the little urges, the little shifts – this is the inspiration coming into the well in order to find YOU.












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