Allowing Your Dreams

Now is an excellent time to Dream. It’s a perfect time to go inside and decide what you want. What do you want? What do you most want?

It’s a difficult question for many. People are afraid to ask it sometimes because they are afraid of the answers or because they think it’s pointless because they feel powerless to get it.

So often we are limited by what we think or believe is possible. But dreaming isn’t necessarily about reality – at least not at first. It’s about imagination, intuition, feeling into the lush lands of true desire.

Dreaming is a great way to give our minds a rest – not trying to figure things out or strategize how to get what we want. Instead, we can tune into connecting with the feelings underneath.

Many times the first things that come up when we ask the question from above are things or concrete items. Instead of stopping here, we can go deeper – what EXACTLY are you looking for here – is it connection, love, acceptance, security, adventure, contribution, stability, variety…?

When we allow ourselves to connect with those underlying feelings, we can get such important information. Once you have it, it’s like having a magic key. This key is invaluable as you move through your days. “Will doing this, saying this, choosing this, thinking this, get me closer to that feeling – to my dream”?

Our dreams help us remember the bigger picture. They can keep us out of doing things out of fear or confusion or not being clear. Those underlying feeling – what we really want – are usually undeniable when we let ourselves connect with them.

Allowing our dreams also opens up to more creativity, more possibility – it keeps the limited and/or fearful thinking at bay.

This week, you’re invited to tune into your Dreams – to allow them and invite them and dive into them. Where do they take you, how do they make you feel? What might be possible for you – in your relationships, in your work, within yourself – if you made space for your Dreams on a regular basis? And what might be possible in this world if each of us connected with our Dreams and the truest part of ourselves  – and acted from this place – each and every day?












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