Let’s Uni-Task This Week

Multi-task. It’s a relatively new word. It came from the computer world in the 60s but for most of us, it didn’t enter in to our vocabulary until much later. To me, it’s interesting how people talk about this ‘skill’ so proudly. Yes, it can seem efficient sometimes to do two or more things at the same time (although it might not be as efficient as we think). However, there are other times that uni-tasking – simply doing ONE thing and focusing on that – definitely takes the cake.

The end of the year and upcoming holiday season is certainly one of the times that Uni-tasking can come in very handy. This is a time of flurry and action and activities and errands and obligations for many people. This can leave us feeling scattered and overwhelmed.

What if instead of trying to get through a to do list, the goal was to focus on the one thing you were doing at any given moment. Doesn’t that sound so much lighter and more ease-full?

Uni-tasking allows you to slow down. It allows you to focus. It allows you to tune into what you’re doing and why and become more present. It allows you to connect with yourself and those around you.

When you’re eating, for example, you can focus solely on the food – what are the flavors and sensations in your mouth and as the food enters your body? When you’re having a conversation, you can really focus on the the other person and what they are communicating, whether or not you agree with what they are saying. When you are moving about, notice the movement of your body – all the ways your body supports you.

As you focus on one thing, so much can happen. You gather your attention and have access to greater clarity and insight. You can take things in and appreciate them on a deeper level.

This week, try some uni-tasking. Take some time to let go of the multiple things you’re trying to do at once and do one at a time. Notice what it feels like when you allow this focused attention on one thing. Notice how it feels when you let go of ‘doing’ and uni-task – allowing insight, ideas, presence, energy, peace, joy or whatever else just come on in.












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