Sink Into Connection

As we move into holiday mode, I can’t think of a better time to sink into the concept that signifies the beginning if you ask the Mood Ladies. That concept is Connection and specifically, Connection with You.

With the holidays and the end of the year, the focus is so often on the external – on others, on expectations, on customs and traditions. While all of those focuses can be fine, if we aren’t centered in ourselves, they can be exhausting.

When that internal Connection is off, everything is a little off. Things take longer, conversations seem harder, perhaps you get sick or simply feel down or overwhelmed or challenged by even small things. If any of those things seem close to where you are right now, that is excellent news. It’s excellent because you are getting clear signs to take a step back and ask, “What can I do  (or not do) in the next few days that will allow me to connect more with myself?”

Most likely, you already know the things that get you back on track – a bit of alone time, writing out your thoughts, cooking, doing something creative, connecting with a loved one, a walk, a nourishing meal, exercise, time in nature… The challenge is usually actually giving yourself permission to listen and honor that request from inner you.

This week, your invitation is to pay attention to you. Some people think this is selfish and instead, it’s what I like to call ‘self-full’ – if you are full, it’s so much easier to be present for others.  Honoring that inner Connection allows you to connect with others and everything you are doing on a deeper level. It might seem like you don’t have the time or energy for this, but I assure you if you sink into that inner Connection, everything and every one benefits.

Notice what it feels like as you move through this week with more awareness on the Connection with yourself. Notice what the traditions, what the giving, what the conversations etc. feel like when you first sink into that connection with You.












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