Delving into Trust

In these times, there is one subject that comes back to me time and time again and that is Trust – in others, in things that we’ve known to be true and in ourselves. Trust is something, when tapped into, can always lead us back to more solid ground.

If we’re facing a challenge, or having an internal struggle, the faces of doubt, uncertainty fear and anxiety are the ones that often come to the surface. In these times, the Trust level isn’t necessarily so high. And as is often the case, when something seems far away, it is usually an excellent sign that it needs some attention – some nurturing. So how can we remember to delve into Trust when we need it most?

As we try to move through a challenge, conflict or internal struggle, we often want to try to fix it, figure it out or solve it as quickly as possible. When we’re in this energy, we’re doing our best to control things – putting them into a little box and then forcing, sometimes hammering those edges in so they fit inside. This, as I’m quite sure you know, takes a lot effort – it’s really quite exhausting. When you instead, decide to let go of the seeming control (which is all just an illusion anyway), you can allow things to fall into place. You can Trust that they will fall into place.

Here are 3 useful questions that can help you navigate the doubtful, uncertain waters and move you toward more Trust:

1. What am I trying to control here? Think of what it is specifically that you want to control. Is it another person, a specific outcome, yourself? This is a great tidbit of information as it points you directly to what is most important to you here. It’s also useful because most of the time, you realize this is something you can’t control no matter how hard you try. With this information, you can begin to put your focus elsewhere.

2. What can I trust in right now? This is a big and powerful question. What is it you know you can trust in right now? This answer will be different for everyone and might take some soul-searching. It could be yourself – the belief that no matter what happens, you’ll always land on your feet. It could be in the Laws of the Universe, Consciousness, God, a Higher Power – or whatever word is in your belief system. It could be that you trust in Divine or Perfect Timing. It could simply be in the belief that things always works out somehow. As you let go of controlling things you can’t control, lean back into this question and answer and feel its strength – feel your knowing of its truth.

3. What would allow me to bring in even more Trust here?  Once you have a Trust resting place, you can continue to delve in by asking this question. Perhaps you give yourself a mantra or phrase – something gentle and inspirational that makes you smile each time you say it. Perhaps there’s a quote that inspires you and reminds of a truth that speaks to you. Perhaps you make a list of past experiences that you navigated effectively and ease-fully. Perhaps you simply ask yourself this question throughout the day – checking in with yourself as to whether you are doubting, worrying or Trusting?

Trusting in the process, trusting in yourself, in perfect timing, in the Universe allows for necessary space. There’s no trying to make things happen, but instead the possibility for the energy of things and happenings to work themselves out. When we let go of control and allow this flow, we’re opening doors and windows for even greater possibilities to find us.

This week, have some fun exploring Trust. Share any learnings, observations or questions in the Comment box below.


Note: This post is adapted from a previous post from March 2016.












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