What Will You Let Go Of To Move Forward?

Letting Go – it’s a beautiful process that can often feel challenging for lots of different reasons. Hanging on to things can feel like a comfort. It can sometimes seem easier to deal with things that we know, even if they aren’t serving us. But Letting Go, when we lean into it, can propel us forward in ways we couldn’t foresee.

The process can be divided into 2 arenas – the physical and the non-physical. The physical part of Letting Go has to do with STUFF. You know….STUFF. Stuff that maybe we don’t need anymore or stuff that is unorganized and is getting in our way somehow and blocking us in moving forward.

If you have a lot of Stuff, it can feel overwhelming to start this process of Letting Go. But once you start, it can feel liberating. So if Stuff is in your way right now (and I know you know if it is!), pick an area where you can begin slowly – maybe it’s a room in your home, or a closet, or a drawer or a counter-top…. Don’t feel like you have to do it all at once. Just begin the process of Letting Go of some things you don’t need and notice what happens.

Now the other realm of Letting Go has to do with the things that we can’t necessarily see. These ‘things’ can REALLY bog us down. Things like a habit that no longer serves us, a relationship that drains instead of energizes us, a thought that stops us from being all of who we are…and the list goes on.

As stated above, somehow, it can feel comforting to hold onto things (both physical & non-physical), even when we know they aren’t serving us. It’s that ‘comfort’ of knowing what we have, but not knowing what’s on the other side of Letting Go. The thing is that this type of ‘comfort’ is not comfort at all. Comfort is all about ease. But when we’re holding onto something that isn’t serving us, even if it feels ‘comfortable’, there’s a resistance, a constriction and ease is nowhere to be found. It’s because the holding on comes from fear. When we’re holding on in that manner, we’re resisting what IS – trying to believe we can control things and make them something they aren’t.

Just as the process of Letting Go of physical things can be liberating, when we let go of the non-physical things we can experience HUGE forward motion and transformation. When we Let Go of the way we think things should be and acknowledge them for what they are, there is space and expansiveness.

So when you feel restriction, constriction, stuck-ness in an area of your life, you can ask, “What am I holding onto here?” Is there a need to be right, a need to be perfect, a need to please, a need to put others in front of yourself? Are you putting the breaks on by holding onto other old beliefs that keep you in the ‘safe’ zone? Once you know what you’re holding onto, you can acknowledge it. Be gentle. Be kind. Be curious about what possibilities might await you on the other side of Letting Go.

Take a moment now and ask yourself, “What could I let go of right now that would allow me to move forward with more ease?” What comes up first? Sometimes those old beliefs, those old thoughts or those old routines & patterns are well hidden. This is a great question to ask on a regular basis. Continue the Letting Go exploration this week and feel free to leave comments, questions or thoughts in the Comment box below.












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