What Does Your Conversation with Creativity Sound Like?

I have a feeling that if we asked Creativity what she thinks about the way we talk about her and regard her, she would raise her eyebrow with that playful and curious way of hers. “Would you really like to know?….”, I can hear her ask with excitement about the conversation to come.

So many people say they aren’t creative  or even that they are – putting Creativity into a box that I’m sure she just doesn’t appreciate. Creativity is far far away from being able to fit in any box.

Now if I’m honest, I was one of those people who distanced myself from Creativity for a good part of my life. Read more about that here in A Creativity Story from the Mood Lady Storybook. When I finally re-connected with her, I realized what I had been missing. Tapping into our Creativity in whatever way that feels true for us (and there are limitless ways!), allows us to express ourselves fully and uniquely. When we ignore it or limit it, we are missing an opportunity for expansion, growth, learning and living more fully.

We can learn a lot from Creativity – no matter how little or how much we are currently honoring her. My clients often say things about Creativity that I am happy to challenge and explore with them more. Let’s invite her into a few dialogues (all based on things I hear people say) and see what she wants to say:

Squashed Creativity Person: Well, I used to be a lot more creative. As a kid I loved to draw and make up stories and things like that. But you know I wasn’t all that good at any of it. I remember loving it and really having fun with it all,  but since I wasn’t good at it, there was no point continuing.

Creativity: Now who said anything about me having requirements about how good people are? I sure don’t, so someone got some wires crossed. I have nothing to do with ‘good’ enough – I’m all about originality and individuality, innovation. And when you do something in your own way – whether it’s something artistic or not –  there’s an energy about it. It’s like things coming into alignment. And from that place, you build on this uniquely YOU energy and it can fill you up and lead you to new places. You really don’t want to miss out on that. Being ‘good’ has no place here really at all. Come on now…why not buy some paints or crayons and see what happens?

*** *** ***

Random ‘Non-Creative’ Person: Yeah, I’m not a creative person. I never have been.

Creativity: Ok now…first things first. Do you even know my definition? I’m all about individuality, innovation, originality. Sometimes this comes out in the form of artistic endeavors, but it doesn’t have to….Look at the way you live your life – making different choices than others or the way you work with others – finding solutions in unique ways. And have you seen the way you dress?? If that’s not creative, I’m not sure what is – your look is YOUR look. And that’s just me scratching the surface here…Do you see? Can you see that maybe I’m in you a bit more than you give me credit for? And if you let me in a bit more, experiment with me – even the concept of me being present – doors might open that you never knew were possible. What do you say – wanna play?

*** *** ***

Artist: Yeah, I’m artistic, but not very creative. I don’t really create anything – I just look at things I like and then copy them. That’s not creative.

Creativity: (stifling laughter – she doesn’t want to seem rude, but she kinda can’t believe her ears) Uh, well, actually, I do think you’re limiting me quite a bit there, if I may say so. Just because you don’t make a new image doesn’t mean you aren’t being creative. The way you create your art is your own unique way – it doesn’t look like anyone else. All the choices you make – the size, the shades, the medium. You’re creating! It’s original, it’s unique – coming from YOU. And what might be different if you took me on board in your art – really admitted that I’m there?

*** *** ***

Creative Person: Yeah, I’m a very creative person. I love to make things with my hands or to think outside the box.

Creativity: Woo-hoo! You ARE Creative and I love seeing you embracing me. Now remember, I’m your perfect ally if you’re feeling stuck or confused about something. Remember to connect with me and see if I can help! Also, I’m ever-expanding so check in with me often to see how we might play and grow together even more. Even if you know me well, I can tell you that the deeper you connect with me, the more I can delightfully surprise you!

So what does your conversation with Creativity sound like right now? What would she say to you?


Adapted from the original post published in April 2016.












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