Choosing with Choice

When I’m working with clients or I’m out in the world, I sometimes hear: “But I don’t have a choice.” I love it when people say this because it means there’s lots of juicy stuff to explore! Choice is something that we always have – we choose our actions, words, thoughts. And getting clear about this and more is a way to connect with the Choice Tool – a tool that can lead us to more of the things that we want in life.

When we aren’t consciously Choosing, we can feel powerless and as if we are at the mercy of life – situations, others, circumstances seem to pull us along. We might feel stuck, confused, overwhelmed and as if we can never get ahead, never get out of the whirlwind of things happening around us. When you feel this way, it’s time to get very clear about what you are choosing.

As you begin to connect with making more conscious choices, you can instantly feel as if your power is back because it is. Your power is always just a Choice away, even when it might feel far away. An excellent way to become more tuned in with the power of Choice is to break it down into 3 categories – Actions, Words & Thoughts.

1. Actions: What are you doing and why? Looking at what things you are currently doing and asking why you are doing them is a great way to become clear about what you are honoring in your life right now. Are the things that you say are most important to you getting any air time? For example, if health is important, how are you honoring that? What actions/routines/habits are you choosing that support that?

2. Words: What are you talking about? Our words and the way we talk about things have a great affect on how we feel. You know by now that what you focus on gets stronger, right? So if health is important to you and all you talk about is that you don’t have time to do the things that make you feel healthy, what do you think your experience is going to be? Now, I’m not saying that you should go around saying things like “I’m healthy” or something else that doesn’t feel true for you. It’s not about lying to yourself or simply using positive words. It’s about choosing your words consciously. It’s about choosing words that help you connect with what’s important to you and that help you feel power-full instead of powerless. For instance, you might say “I’m making healthier choices every day.” Or if that’s a stretch, you could say, “I’m becoming a person who makes healthier choices every day.”

3. Thoughts: What are you telling yourself when no one else is listening? This is where the most powerful of choices lie. This is the top secret messaging coming through to you on a continual basis so if you aren’t consciously choosing here, it’s quite possible that there’s a saboteur in the midst wreaking havoc on your thoughts. We all have old programming from our formative years (and beyond!) that we might not even believe. But we need to be aware of it, we need to call it out, before we can change it. So paying attention to that voice within, what it says and even how it sounds, is a powerful way to begin to Choose your thoughts more consciously. If you want more on this, a great book on the subject is Positive Intelligence. You can even take a test to hear who your most usual saboteurs are. Once you know this, you can label them and then Choose another track (it’s a simple, but not always easy process).

So this week you’re invited to explore your Choices on these levels. Be gentle, Be Curious.


Adapted from an earlier Choice blogpost from April 2016.












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