Personal Power is where the Real Power is

I listened to the news and sighed. My body felt heavy. My heart hurt.

I recognized the need to listen to the details – to hear the personal stories and to cry alongside everyone affected.

I also recognized the need to keep myself separate. Not in order to block it out or deny that this or other things like this happen. But in order to be where I need to be. In order to be who I can be always and specifically in situations like this.

This, for me, has to do with connecting with my Personal Power. It has to do with the things that I associate Personal Power with – compassion, strength, connection, contribution, consistency. You can read more about my journey of exploring and understanding what Personal Power is for me here.

Each journey is different.

Your journey is different.

You will have your own words. Do you know what they are?

When I’m connecting with my Personal Power, I am steady – no matter what is going on around me. It takes practice.

It takes a lot of practice.

I’m not perfect at it. I can still get swayed by others, by situations, by the news of the world, by my thoughts. Crazy little mind still takes over sometimes – takes me to what I like to call Mind StoryLand.

When this happens, I have discovered different things that help me – the services of a trusted professional, conversation and time with trusted friends and family members, creativity, solitude, time in nature.

When I get swept up in these happenings, I get solace knowing that there are others that are holding themselves separate. They are holding the space of their own Personal Power and of me coming back into mine.

Personal Power isn’t about power over another. It’s not about swaying or persuading – it’s about that stability within. It’s about that strong foundation that allows us to be who we want to be, who we are meant to be.

This week, you’re invited to explore your own Personal Power formula. Here are a few questions to support you:

Where in your life do you avoid stepping into your Personal Power? When do you most lose touch with it and what helps you find your way back? What will you do this week to connect with and honor your own Personal Power?












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