What Does Support Look Like For You?

The Mood Ladies have a new routine starting this month. Well, they’ve actually had this routine for over a year – in the online program that they run (see a version here). Now they decided it was time to make it more public.

That means each month has a theme and we’ll be exploring the theme in different ways throughout the month. Some themes will be from the original set of Mood Lady Cards – so might be familiar to you. Others, like this one, are newer and, just as the original set, have beautiful drawings from my sister, Debra.

This month, it’s all about Support. It’s a topic that has been percolating in the background for me for quite a while. It’s also one I explore quite often with my clients as we all have different ideas about what Support is, what we can learn from it and how we can give it to others and ourselves.

This week, we’ll start with a short introduction of the topic from the Support Mood Lady.


Support Mood Lady

What does your support system look like? Another way to ask this question is Who’s on your team?

We all need support.

Sometimes, we think we have to do it alone. And really, we don’t. Of course there are times that relying on ourselves is an excellent choice. And then there are times that admitting we need help and support can allow us to move through challenges and conflicts much more easily and smoothly.

Think about your external support system. Do you have people you can rely on – people who support you when you need it? You might even have a set of professionals you also trust, who you turn to – people who know how to help you.

And now consider your internal support system. Do you have tools that support you as well – strategies that work for you, serve you and help you in times when you’re not sure what to do next?

What types of support work best for you – people, books, professionals?

 Journey Question/s: Tuning in right now, how would you rank your support system? What could you do to make either your external or internal support team a bit stronger?



This week, your invitation is to explore Support by using the questions above. Feel free to share in the Comment section below if you’d like.

Also, as I said this is one of the newer Mood Ladies. We’re making room for more of them to come to the world so are offering a special price on the original set for the month of March. They are also wanting to play more on Etsy so feel free to check them out there!

And be sure to check back in the weeks to come as we’ll be adding a Story of Support and an article with more thoughts, ideas and prompts for your Support journey.

Happy Support Exploring to you!












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