• Discernment at Your Fingertips
    Clients often come to see me feeling worn out and spread thin from all the things they are putting into their daily lives. Actually, I see this not only in Read more
  • It’s Time for Love
    On my walk this morning, I stop at one of my favorite places – on top of a hill that offers an impressive view of the ocean in the distance. Read more
  • Finding the Gems of Openness
    Often times the simplest things are the most powerful. Openness is one of those things. With it comes a wealth of gems. When clients come to see me they are often Read more
  • Embracing All Your Support
    A very common question I ask every client at some point in the coaching process is: “Who’s on your team?” Sometimes when I ask this question I can feel a momentary Read more
  • How Simple Can You Make It?
    Any time of the year is the perfect time to bring in a bit more Simplicity. However, I’m especially fond of using this beautiful tool at the beginning of a Read more
  • Reaching for Compassion
    I fanned the cards so she could pull one. She inspected the variety of colors and bits of images carefully, zoomed in on one and pulled it from the deck. Read more
  • When to Resist & When to Accept
    OK, so do you really think there’s a good time to resist? Well, there really isn’t – I tricked you. But hopefully I got your attention. I’d say this is one Read more
  • The Gift of Presence
    Presence is a beautiful gift. It certainly can be a gift to another person. In our world these days, there is such a frantic pace. It’s not the norm to Read more
  • Letting Inspiration Find You
    Isn’t it a beautiful thing when the well of inspiration is full? You know, when you feel inspired to do the things you want to do and it feels effortless. Read more
  • Tuning into Abundance
    Abundance. It has been a hot topic for a while now. As with most hot topics, I like to start with a definition. m-w says: 1. an ample quantity; 2. Read more
  • How Your Inner & Outer Style Can Be Best Friends
    We hear a lot about style – at least when it comes to the outside. There are even loads of quizzes you can take to find out what kind of Read more
  • Movement That Connects with You
    There are a lot of ‘shoulds’ when it comes to moving our bodies. We ‘should’ exercise in a certain way for a certain amount of time a certain number of Read more
  • Using the Power of Your Intention
    The word Intention is one that may take some reflection. When we think about our aim with something or our purpose, we might instead use words like that or words like achievement or goals. Read more
  • Are You Deciding or Knowing?
    Have you ever made a decision about something, felt relief that you had finally decided and then in almost the next instant been unsure about what you had just decided? Read more
  • Joy Awareness
    With the help of the Mood Ladies and the work of my dear friend & Sparkles Retreat co-facilitator Denise Elizabeth Byron,  I have a rough schedule of what the Mood Lady Read more
  • How to Use the Power of the Refresh Button
    So say you’re a sports fan using the internet to at least semi-track the progress of a game you’re invested in but can’t see for some reason or perhaps you’re Read more












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