Work Overload to Motivation & Excitement About Working Life

Janette guided me through a challenging time of confusion and work overload. When I came to her I had started a new business but was still tied to my other two businesses. She helped me sort out the reasons why I should continue with one business over the other and a way to run both businesses without feeling run over! I have used her techniques to keep me motivated and excited about my working life and also tools to avoid or halt stress and burn out.  T.B., Real Estate Agent, California

Life Reorganization With Stunning Effects

Janette was my coach for the year of 2012. She supported me with all I needed to reorganize my entire life. She was always listening for and allowing me to see what I was committed to. The effect was stunning. My life is dramatically better. So much so, I have hired her for this year to create my new future. I highly recommend Janette for any lengthof coaching needed to accomplish whatever you want with your life.  K.G., Chiropractor, California

A New Way to Look at Difficult & Stressful Situations

Janette Valentino is a coach extraordinaire. Her gentle yet probing questions have given me an entirely new way to look at difficult and stressful situations. One in particular: Who do I want to be in this situation? Really allows me to see that I have an option about it! Her nonjudgmental approach is equally supportive. I highly recommend her to women going through challenging situations. S.W., Copywriter, California

From Stuck to Jump-Start

Working with Janette help me clarify my goals, prioritize, and deal with uncomfortable situations which help me take my career to a higher level. Her deep level of understanding and focus on the future helped me go from stuck to jump-start. I highly recommend Janette. J.A., Program Director, Portland Oregon

Exploring & Re-Connecting With Self

I have lived a life of big changes, moving from one place to the next, making connections, exploring and learning. What threw me for a loop was suddenly being in a very static situation. Suddenly finding myself 10 years in the same city and country and working for the same company, being married and a mom of two. My life is full, but am I happy? Am I currently functioning to my full capability? How do I reconnect with that spontaneous, free-flowing person I was for so long. I was lucky enough to have connected deeply with Janette and have greatly benefited from our coaching relationship. She has this marvelous ability to lead me through my thoughts in a very enlightening way. She truly is my traveling companion. S.E., Educational Consultant, Stockholm, Sweden

I See Things in Myself That I Never Knew Were There

Janette has a gift! She is so very helpful in seeing different perspectives of a situation. She has taught me so much in the 5 sessions we have done. She has helped me to see things in myself that I never knew were there. Janette is an amazing listener what I appreciate about her most is we don’t just sit a talk about what is going on. She promotes personal growth by assigning me homework each time I see her. I am so thankful I found Janette. If anyone out there needs help seeing the light go see Janette! C. M., Financial Advisor, California

Clearer Values = More Focus on What Makes Me Happiest

Going through the coaching process with Janette has made my values very clear, so that I am able to focus on the things that make me happiest. She has helped me learn a new set of tools to deal with my day-to-day problems, and has helped me re-shape my long-term goals. As a result of these things and some other changes I’ve made, I am on my way to a new career, and a more fulfilling daily life. The coaching process has been great. A.M., Graduate Student, Stockholm, Sweden

An Opportunity To Play a Whole New Beautiful Game of Life

Janette cultivates a space that allows me to explore uncharted aspects of myself. She skillfully blends humor, ease, compassion and playfulness allowing for a profound opportunity to integrate and formulate new ways of being. I have been able to re-orient my “operating system” to include more grace and ease in every aspect of my life. Coaching with Janette is so much more than action steps to meet goals, it is and opportunity to play a whole new, beautiful game of Life. K.B., Acupuncturist, California

One of the Best Things I Have Done

Janette’s helped me through a time of change in my life, actually a difficult time for me. I had some important decisions to make that affected my business and my own stress levels. Working with Janette was one of the best things I have done. Her gentle supportive manner combined with getting me to look at what was holding me back–that was invaluable. Her coaching is all about you. With each session I more and more looked forward to meeting with her again. If you are going through any changes or stress, I highly recommend Janette– she will help you in so many ways. L.C. Business Owner, California

Finding More Joy & Balance

Janette has really helped me to define and have a clear understanding of my business and personal goals. Having someone to help me come up with an action plan and hold me accountable every few weeks is extremely helpful. We have had just 2 sessions and already I see life changes that are positive. I am confident that Janette can help me continue to find more joy and more balance in my life. M.T., Certified Public Accountant, California



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