Transitioning into a Prosperous New Year: Tool #2 – Exploration

So the 2nd Mood Lady that wants to get in on the Prosperous New Year formula is that of Exploration.

The Exploration Mood Lady welcomes ALL kinds of exploration – into new ideas, new places, new concepts, new people, new ways of being. However, she especially encourages Exploration into YOU. Here’s a bit of what she says:

Of course any worthwhile journey MUST include exploration, wouldn’t you say? Many times we are quick to skip past things about ourselves that we think are undesirable. It can be tempting to try to forget about them or just push them down so we don’t have to see them or even admit they’re there. The problem is, they don’t go away and these traits that we are trying to avoid will often show up time and time again, louder than ever. Soon we MUST look at them.

Part of transitioning from one year to the next is reflecting on and reviewing the past year/s. What went well? What would I have liked to have done differently? It’s the perfect time for questions like: What words best describe me last year? And Who would I like to be this year?

The Exploration Mood Lady invites you to really tune into the spirit of exploration. This doesn’t mean judgment. It means looking at yourself – ALL of you – no matter how undesirable certain parts might seem. If you see them as undesirable, you’re judging. And when we judge we just bring ourselves shame and guilt. If you explore these parts, you see them as information – its telling you that something is important to you or not or that there’s some hidden gem underneath that would like to be uncovered.

When you allow yourself to truly explore, you give yourself permission to be where you are right now. AND it supports you in seeing where you’d like to grow and develop – what direction you’d like to go in. In this way, exploration opens the doors (and windows) to new opportunities and possibilities – and to whatever it is that YOU want to create in the new year.












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