What’s YOUR Intention?

Intention is a useful tool at any time of the year. Last month we talked about how to use it during the holidays. This month, we talk about using this tool to choose the direction of the new year. Read this month’s newsletter for more on that.

The Intention Mood Lady offers the following: When things seem confusing or unclear, this is the tool for you. Intention helps you get to the bottom of things. It helps you get beyond the story or the drama of the situation. It can also be a very useful tool in communication and relationships.

Intention can also be an excellent way to become aware of your expectations. We often go into situations with expectations only to be disappointed. However, when you step back and get clear with what you REALLY want in this situation, you can connect more directly with your intention.

What is TRULY important here? If you had to get to the essence of what you wanted or what was most important, what would that be? Once you have the answer to this, it is time to let go of all that remains – the need to be “right”, the need to have the last word, etc.

Your invitation this week is to ponder the following: Where in your life could you get clearer about your intention? What might be possible when you focus on your intention rather than your expectation in this area?

Feel free to ponder, reflect, share and comment!












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