Step into Boldness

Being Bold. Of course that means different things to different people. Speaking in front of a group of strangers is bold (and scary!) to a lot of people, while others revel in standing in front of a group. When we’re on an Artful Journey, living life on our own terms, being Bold is like a compass.

Often, when we are truly listening and making conscious choices, what we choose might feel a little uncomfortable. At some point, we need to stop doing things as we think we ‘should’ do them or as others have told us to do them, and instead do them because if we don’t, it feels as if we are betraying ourselves. Still, that deep listening and honoring of what we want, can feel very Bold. It’s Bold because we’re venturing into the unknown. If we choose the ‘old’ way, it feels safe and secure and comforting. While this might be nice in a way, our soul is asking us to do something different – it wants a chance to sing, to thrive and to soar. So when the discomfort comes and you continue on your path, you are Bold. Tuning into the feeling can help you remember you are moving in the direction you want.A

Also, when you’re feeling stuck, uncertain, lost, consider Boldness. This doesn’t mean doing something rash or careless. It means taking a step back and tuning in and asking, “What bold move might I make to support myself right now?” See where it takes you and how it makes you feel. Notice what happens in You when you do something Bold.












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