3 Questions to Keep You Out of Mind Storyland

So, you’re moving along your day and everything is fine, maybe even much better than fine. Then, something happens. It might be a comment from someone, a phone call, a situation that arises or even something that you hear on the news. Suddenly it’s like a little button is pushed as something in your mind has been triggered. Little Mind, seeing this amazing opportunity before it, doesn’t delay. It decides it’s time to take a trip…a trip to Mind StoryLand.

Mind StoryLand is quite a disempowering place as there is usually little or no truth there. Although it is filled with all kinds of entertaining and usually quite imaginative scenarios about what could happen, about what someone else is thinking, even about you and your character, it’s still all story and little or no truth so it’s pointless to spend too much time there.  When we’re there, it can be difficult to touch our own personal power because we’re engaged in the stories and not engaged in what is truly true for us.

Once the mind has taken you off to StoryLand, it can take a bit of effort to come away and step back into what’s true. Here are 3 Power-filled questions to lead you out of StoryLand and bring you back to you:

1. Is that true? This simple question cuts to the core of StoryLand and with some practice can take you immediately out of its grip. Most of the time when we ask this question, the answer is “no” or “I have no way of knowing if that’s true“. Excellent! Then why spend more time here? From here, you can move on to Question 2 or 3 for your next step.

2. What does the rest of me say? Our mind is just one of the 3 neural networks (or brains) we have access to in our bodies (go ahead, google that!). When we give them a chance, our gut and our heart also have some excellent information for us. Learning to check in with our gut and our emotions that we have access to there, often give us a different ‘story’. And our beautiful hearts are full of information – often helping us see the bigger picture and the Truth. You can simply take a breath into your gut and then your heart and ask “What do you have to tell me?” If this seems foreign to you and you’d like more direction, read The Listen Story from The Mood Lady Storybook. This will give you an example of what it looks like to use this question.

3. Who do I choose to be here? The most powerful question of all. This one supports you in getting out of StoryLand because it reminds you that you are ALWAYS at choice. You don’t always have a choice about what is happening or about what someone else is doing, but no matter what IS going on, you can always choose who you ARE in that situation. Will you be compassionate, will you be fearful, will you be honest, will you be the victim, will you be powerless, will you be open-minded, loving and on and on and on.

So, next time you find yourself in StoryLand or perhaps maybe even before little Mind takes you away there, pick one or all three of these questions. The more you use them, the easier it will be avoid StoryLand altogether and to stay where your mind needs to be to move forward in the way you want.

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash 


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