Going Kaleidoscopic!

In January’s newsletter,  3 Excellent Reasons to Dream Big in 2016, we explored this idea of Dreaming – letting yourself tap into possibility and not being confined by what you think is realistic or too difficult to achieve. This week, we’re going a step further by exploring another beautiful expansive tool – stepping into the Kaleidoscopic energy!

Sometimes when we are trying to solve a problem, all we can think about are the solutions we already know. It’s difficult to get outside the realm of what we’ve experienced. That’s why it can be so useful at times like these to remember the beautiful makings of a kaleidoscope. Think of what it’s like when you peer into a kaleidoscope and give it a gentle turn. The colors and shapes move in countless and unexpected ways. There’s a new shape and color and experience at every slight movement. What if you approached the problem from THIS place? What might you see then?

When you’re feeling stuck is another excellent time to go Kaleidoscopic. Many times clients come to me in stuck-mode, offering a very black and white perspective of a situation. They can then present very limited perspectives – such as either I stay at my current job and remain miserable or I need to quit. Well yes, those are 2 options. AND there might be others in between those two opposites that you haven’t fully explored.

A perfect way to dip into more expansive energy is to go kaleidoscopic with someone else. On our own, we might not be able to access all those different colors, nuances, perspectives and ideas inherit to a kaleidoscope. You might need someone else to begin offering other thoughts – starting small and then getting more expansive and perhaps even outlandish. This can open up the channels so those new ideas can come in. Don’t worry too much if it still seems impossible. Just allow yourself to play here and keep asking what else might be out there, what else might be possible.

When we allow the Kaleidoscopic energy to come in, we are allowing the energy of unlimited possibility.  Allowing yourself to Dream from this place can bring in unexpected sights and desires – it’s like letting your mind go into the Magical Land where everything and anything is possible. Play, enjoy & have some fun here. Who knows what creativity might be sparked in Magical Kaleidoscopic Land.

If you want to read more about this topic, check out this blog post from July 2015. Feel free to share comments or thoughts in the Reply box below.

P.S. A big thank you to our January 2016 Sparkles Retreat group who coined the phrase, “I’m going Kaleidoscopic on you!”












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