Movement That Connects with You

There are a lot of ‘shoulds’ when it comes to moving our bodies. We ‘should’ exercise in a certain way for a certain amount of time a certain number of days per week. And depending on what you read or listen to, that information will differ a bit (or a lot).

The Movement tool is one that invites you to go deeper than that information you might hear or read. Instead, you’re asked to consult your body and ask IT what kind of movement it wants. This might sound a bit foreign and definitely might take some getting used to and even some practice.

Our bodies are full of wisdom. They have so much to tell us. Many of us haven’t made it a priority to connect with our bodies in that way. Instead, we just rely on it to do what we need, but we don’t necessarily consult it. The Movement tool is a great way to open up that channel of communication.

When clients come to me to get support with more clarity about some issue, I’d say at least 90% of them identify exercise and Movement as something that helps them feel more balanced. It’s so easy to get caught up in our lives and in our minds. Exercise and Movement help us get back into our bodies. And from here, we can access a deeper sense of connection and clarity.

It does take some practice to listen and hear the wisdom of the body if we aren’t used to listening. I know this wasn’t something I was really familiar with until my 30s when my body really wanted to get my attention and got sick. Over the years after that experience, I’ve learned a lot about my body, its signs and my body and Movement. I know that my body loves to walk. My many years living in Europe without a car made walking a mode of transportation, and my body became accustomed to it. When it doesn’t get enough walking, it lets me know. I can feel restless and irritated.  I know the signs, and I listen to them and honor them.

My body also likes to run. But not always. There will be periods when it does not want to run. During those times, I can tell my body wants gentle so the running feels too harsh. I’ve bypassed honoring those signs from my body in the past, only to get injured in some way or even to fall on my run. I’ve learned it’s best to listen.

So how about you? What kinds of Movement connects with You? What does your body want when it comes to Movement?

This week, experiment with Movement  and experiment with listening to your body. Ask it what kind of Movement feels best right now – maybe it’s something new like swimming or biking or volleyball or dance or a gentler type of yoga than you usually do. The possibilities are endless.












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