How Simple Can You Make It?

Any time of the year is the perfect time to bring in a bit more Simplicity. However, I’m especially fond of using this beautiful tool at the beginning of a new year or new quarter or even a new month. So let’s see what it can offer us as we move into the last quarter of the year.

Simplicity is a beautiful thing. A dictionary definition ( is: the state of being simple, uncomplicated or uncompounded. Say the words with me, “Simple. Uncomplicated. Uncompounded.” Aaaahhhhh, doesn’t that feel and sound nice? With simplicity comes clarity about what’s most important as we are asking, “What do I most want here – what’s most important to keep and to let go?”

There is so much going on in our world. This includes the external world with the changing and often challenging situations filled with an array of interesting people who have their own diverse wants & agendas to attend to. It also includes the lush internal world of our minds with fascinating old tracks of beliefs and stories (with often little real truth except within that imaginative little mind) that are often running with wild abandon.

When we don’t consult Simplicity once in a while, it’s really inevitable that our lives feel complicated and compounded. There’s so much information coming in and if we don’t stop to simplify, we’re soon feeling heavy, confused & over-loaded. This occurs both in the physical sense in terms of things and in the non-physical sense with our thoughts and routines & actions.

That’s why bringing the Simplicity tool in on a regular basis is so beneficial. It helps us sift through what we no longer need and then we’re left with what truly serves us and brings us energy. What would that feel like – in your home, for instance, to be surrounded only by things that you love or that are functional in some way? So many of us have things that we’re afraid to get rid of because we might need them some day. We seldom think of what it might be ‘costing’ us to keep these things cluttered around us.

And the same thing goes for our routines, our actions and thoughts – what if we sifted through all those old patterns and programs and kept only those that energize us? What might be possible for you then?

The invitation this week is to play with Simplicity. Whether it’s with physical things or more internal ones or both, keep asking yourself, “Does this take my energy or does it TRULY fill me up?” In essence you’re exploring what is over-complicating your life and what is making things simpler for you. This is a process and the more regularly you do it, the easier it is to maintain.

So experiment and see what happens. And feel free to leave ideas, questions or comments in the Reply box below.












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