Discernment at Your Fingertips

Clients often come to see me feeling worn out and spread thin from all the things they are putting into their daily lives. Actually, I see this not only in clients, but in many people all around me. In our world there are so many things to do, so many things to fill our days with. As we do this, we can lose track of what’s important, feeling lost, confused and exhausted. It’s really challenging to know which step to take, which direction to go in when we are in this place.

This is a perfect time, then, for realizing that Discernment is a tool that is right in front of you as long as you tune in. Discernment allows you to get clarity – it is essentially the ability of seeing something clearly and intelligently. It helps you take a step back and examine what you are doing and why. In addition to clarity, it brings you focus and direction.

Here are 2 keys to connecting with and using Discernment:

1. Space: It’s difficult to see things clearly when there is no space to do so. We need that step back – giving us room for things to settle. Sometimes we don’t even know we are on over-drive because we are so used to it. We are just on automatic pilot saying yes to things and adding things to our already busy schedules.

With some space, a little breathing room, we can more easily hear that calling, that voice that tells us how we are feeling, what we are wanting. This is the time that we can ask questions such as: “Is this serving me?” or “With this choice, will I be energized or depleted?”

Beyond judgment: Many times, we can feel like we’re being judgmental when we being saying ‘no’ and when we begin choosing more consciously how we are spending our time. I often hear people questioning this – wondering if there is something wrong with them because they are making these choices. It can seem that they are deeming something as ‘bad’ because they don’t want to take part in it or spend their time doing it.

Instead, being discerning means we are going beyond judging whether something is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. It means we are stepping into understanding and clarity about what is important to us. It has nothing to do with anyone else. It means we are tuning into what serves us, what fills us up.

This week, you’re invited to explore Discernment. Where are you being discerning in your life and where are you not? What would happen and what might be possible if you brought in more Discernment to your life this week?












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