Your Personal Power

Uncertainty – in ourselves, in what’s going to happen next, in our world – can be disconcerting and even scary. It can leave us feeling as if we’re being swept away by some force that we have no control over. This is a perfect time to remember a most effective ally – your own Personal Power.

Your own Personal Power is something you can connect with no matter where you are. Depending on situations we might find ourselves in, it can be challenging to remember it. Others might have a different definition of what Power is and they might try to take ours away as if they believe this will make them feel more powerful.

Personal Power, though, is always yours. No one can take it away from you. Here are a few questions to support you in remembering that your Personal Power is a tool to use, to act from, to live from each and every day:

Question 1: What’s my role here? This question invites you to check in. It opens the door to taking responsibility for where you find yourself. Not so that you can judge or blame yourself, but so you can see the situation with open eyes. What can you learn here?

Question 2: How do I approach this moving forward? There is often quite a black and white response to things that happen – especially if they are things we don’t like. This makes us feel as if we have to totally support or totally reject something. When clients come to me with this mindset, I remind them of all the shades of grey. This is the perfect time to get clear on what YOU believe, what is most important to YOU. This might take time and space before you have clarity. Take the time and space you need. See what grey options there might be for you in order to move forward. Perhaps you can create a new way, a new idea, a new format to move forward from.

Question 3: Who do I choose to be here? This is one of my most favorite coaching questions of all time. Actually, it’s one of my favorite everyday living questions as well. It’s one of the best ways to remember that no matter what is happening, you always have a choice – a choice of who you are being in the midst of the situation. Will you be a person who acts from fear, from the need to be right, from a place of learning and/or compassion? The options are endless and it is always your choice.

As you move through the week, I invite you to keep checking in with yourself. Where do you feel powerless? How can you step back into your own Personal Power and how can you use that power today in your own unique way?












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