How Present Are You Right Now?


More and more I see this as such a gift.

Our world is changing quickly. Things seem to be moving faster than ever. And faster than ever it seems our lives can change – in an instant. Of course this has always been the case, but it seems that with all the world happenings we are being confronted with this each day.

And for me this means that being Present is of the utmost importance.

Presence is something only we have control over. No one can take it away from us.

How often are you truly Present – with others, in a situation or with yourself?

So often our mind is racing – trying to make sense of things, trying to figure out a next step or a next sentence or response.

Sometimes it feels too painful to be present – to feel the emotion that most wants to be felt in the moment. And so in that moment, we numb or react or shut down. Somehow doing those things feels easier than staying present.

But that’s the thing…not staying present comes at such a price. When we aren’t present, it can be easy to miss what is really happening – with someone else or with ourselves. We jump to conclusions or are quick to steer a conversation or a thought. We lose the opportunity to truly see, know and feel what is really going on.

There’s a richness that is lost. There’s a depth that is lost. There is great learning that is lost.

Being Present allows for a deep connection – with the truth of the moment, whatever that may be. The Story of Presence gives an example of a journey with Presence – its power.

Where will you be more present in your life this week?












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