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3 Questions Toward More Simplicity

Simplicity….it really is a favorite word of mine. It feels just so…clean and light and well,…simple.

I’ve noticed that’s it one of those things that seems to remain on the top of my list each year. How can I make things more simple?  How can I have fewer things? How can I focus on what I want to be focusing on instead of all of the distractions? How can I keep my thoughts streamlined so that they serve me? All of this has to do with Simplicity for me.

It’s not always the easiest thing to stay connected to and be consistent with – because there are so many distractions. And it seems there are endless layers of Simplicity; once we reach one layer, another is waiting to be discovered. 

I’d say in general I’ve done quite well with Simplicity in many ways. In the physical sense, I have belongings, but not more than can relatively easily be moved around. I’m sure part of this is because I have moved around quite a bit with international moves back and forth, which have on a pretty regular basis asked me to really think about how important a ‘thing’ truly is. 

And in the non-physical sense, I am constantly asking myself what I’m focusing on internally and checking in to see if this is moving me toward what I want or away from it. That doesn’t mean I am always on track. Far from it. But it means I do my best to be aware of how I might be over-complicating things.

Simplicity has so much to teach us. For me, there are 3 questions that help me connect with the concept, even in the midst of confusion or being right in the center of what we know is the opposite of Simple:

1. What’s my intention here? This always brings me back to the task at hand. What is I’m trying to achieve or be or do or have? It’s usually quite simple, but sometimes hard to find in the maze of other ideas or old beliefs or thoughts that have been awakened.

2. What’s the essence I’m trying to achieve, be, do, communicate, feel? Again, this helps me cut to the Truth of the matter. In its purest form, what is it I want?

3. How am I feeling about this in this moment? When things feel Simple, I can breathe easier. There’s a lightness and an ease that feels present. And when things feel the opposite, there’s a heavy, constricted feeling. Sometimes I can even feel my chest and/or throat tighten. Those are sure signs I need to some support from questions 1 & 2 above.

This year, Simplicity is again one of my intentions. I’m looking forward to even more lightness – there are extra things, both physical and non-physical, that I’m not needing anymore. I know that without them will come even more clarity, ease, play and peace. 

How about you? Where would you like to have more Simplicity in your life right now? You’re invited to play with this concept this month and see what you uncover. Always feel free to come back here and share your thoughts. Or you can follow the (mostly) weekly posts on FB.  

And if you’d like to explore this concept (or some other!) with the Mood Ladies and me this month, you might like to try Mood Lady Modules – you can read more here.












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