What Are Your 2022 Shift Miracles

In our society, it’s quite acceptable to talk about the big changes in our lives – those that we are making or want to make. We might hear about these or share these when we’re just starting out. Like when we’ve committed to an exercise regime or stuck to it or joined a gym or when we’ve successfully shifted into a new career, gotten married or divorced or made a leap with a move to a new home or even city. All these changes can be powerful and even life-changing.

But there’s another kind of change that can be at least and sometimes even more powerful and life-changing. And these are the small internal shifts that we’re making within in a year in our lives. These are harder to detect. And they’re harder to talk about because they might not seem significant. Sometimes, we don’t even see these ourselves.

In my work, I’m constantly on the lookout for these small shifts (what I call Shift Miracles) in my clients’ lives in case they themselves are missing them. Part of my job is to be a Shift Miracle detective – to find these little gems and highlight them so the client can celebrate and see the changes they are making.

There is a wide array of what this can look like – the shifts can have to do with eating healthier, exercising more, taking time for self care, saying no more often, communicating more directly, asking for help and on and on and on.

December is a perfect month to review the year and to focus on Shift Miracles. It’s an excellent time to go hunting for your own Shift Miracles that may have happened in the previous 11 months. In doing this the last few days, I’ll give you an example of some of what I’ve found:

  • I’ve continually honored, cultivated and nurtured old and new relationships
  • I’ve consistently honored my morning walking routine
  • When challenges have arisen, I’ve allowed for space – to listen deeply, to process on my own or with my support system and to remember that the challenges are opportunities for me to learn and grow
  • I’ve continued to recognize my reluctance to ask for help and continued to stretch into asking when I’m able
  • I’ve continued to open to new perspectives and new paradigms that allow for more joy on a daily basis

Those are a few of the gems – my own personal Shift Miracles. They will of course look totally different than yours. And full disclosure: when I do this a little voice often appears and has some unsolicited comments. Like for the first one, that ‘dear’ little voice said: But hey, there are lots of relationships that you haven’t nurtured this year. You could’ve done better. Actually, for each of the above, the little voice has something to add. And THIS is exactly what I hear from my clients. In essence, it’s But I’m not where I want to be with this yet….

And it’s my job to remind them (and me) of the process. The little Shifts are just that – Little Shifts. They don’t happen all at one time because doing things or thinking or being in a new way takes time. That’s why these Little Shifts are like little miracles. Because they all add up to a beautiful new habit or routine or thought or way of being. Sometimes you don’t even see it coming and POOF (or SCHWOOP as I like to call it), all of a sudden you have that new habit, thought, routine or way of being. Now how amazing is that? 

And just so you know, realizing you’ve shifted some and can acknowledge the progress without beating yourself up for not being ‘there’ yet…guess what that is. Yep, THAT’S a Shift Miracle!

So as the year comes to an end, you are invited to go on a little hunting expedition. See where you are now and where you started at the beginning of the year.

Here are a few questions to guide you:

  • What Shift Miracles have crept in without you noticing (or perhaps you did)?
  • What things have you done (or stopped doing) to be more consistent with what you want in life?
  • What parts of you have you continued to look at and questioned or been curious about?

Once you have a couple examples (and don’t worry if it takes a little time to think of them), you now get to celebrate the Shift Miracle and celebrate You. Actually, whether you find Shift Miracles or not, it’s time to celebrate You.

As you explore the concept this month, remember that wherever you are is perfect – even when this might be challenging to see or accept. Know that it’s never ever too late for a Shift Miracle. Set your sights and move forward. Sometimes leaps are great, but know that even if all you do is take itty bitty steps, these are what comprise the beautiful, powerful Shift Miracle that can transform your life.












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