Who are You as a Leader?

We all have our own definitions of what a good Leader is. However, I’d say this is one of those words that sometimes we haven’t REALLY defined for ourselves – not consciously anyway. 

Many times we are operating with a definition of what someone else has told us or what society tells us. And often times those aren’t necessarily definitions that truly match what we believe and know – what rings true for us personally. Often times these definitions are quite limited as well when in all actuality, there are LOADS of options when it comes how to define an effective, inspirational leader.

Can you think of some of the best leaders you know? What traits or characteristics do they have that make them someone you look up to? Is theirs a strong, decisive style or is it more compassionate, open while still being direct and consistent (or a combination of any of those things!). 

Think about that for a moment and see if you can form a picture of the qualities of one person or many people that you think make a great leader.

When we open ourselves to a wider definition, we can also recognize traits within ourselves that allow us to be good leaders. 

I know many people who wouldn’t identify themselves as a leader because it doesn’t match up with that old definition. 

The truth is, though, that we all have qualities of leadership within us – it’s just a matter of how we play with them and nurture them.

And one of the gems of aligning with the Leadership within us is recognizing and stepping into the role of Leader of our own lives. 

Before we begin making conscious choices for ourselves, we can be on automatic pilot – being strewn along by what situations and circumstances arise before us. But when you identify yourself as a true Leader of your own life, you can shape and create as you see fit. There is more clarity and with this comes more direction and focus.

So what Leadership qualities would you like to acknowledge in yourself? And which ones would you like to nurture and call on more? Be curious about this as you move forward.

Photo by Alfred  Aloushy on Unsplash 


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