The Mood Ladies are Here For You and as Inspirational Gifts

Isn’t it funny how we usually mean something negative when we say we’re “in a mood!”

Instead, shift your mood into something powerful and positive with the Mood Ladies.

The Mood Ladies are your ever-present, always encouraging friends when you’re overwhelmed, feeling bad or are in the midst of life change.

The Mood Ladies world is a spacious place with room for your thoughts and dreams. It’s big enough that you can find what you need right now to shift you closer to where you want to be. It’s an expansive place where you can “de-load,” “de-accelerate” or shift up into growth mode!

They are wonderful with or without coaching and can be used for self-paced online life coaching (look for the Mood Lady Modules).

The cards and journals are easy to carry with you so that you always have encouragement and a little nudge with you wherever you go.

They also make inspiring and encouraging gifts for anyone else you know who is going through change!

The Mood Ladies were created in the midst of change, too! Read the Mood Lady Story about the journey they took to come into being.

If you’re an Etsy user, you’ll find us there too.

“The Mood Ladies invite me into a conversation and encourage me to take action. For instance, I was very troubled about which action to take in a relationship. I drew the Inspiration card and, as I was reflecting on it, I became very clear about which step to take. It was such a powerful step–leading to empowering results.” – B.H., Business Owner, Colorado

Here’s what Choice Coaching Magazine says about the Mood Ladies:

“The Mood Lady Cards are a quirky and colorful collaboration between two sisters – one an artist, the other a life coach. The various Mood Ladies each evoke an emotional tone or quality. On the back of each card is a concept, a description of the concept and journey questions.”

As we all do, the Mood Ladies have their own story of how they came to be and how they are evolving. Read their story here.

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