• Hitting Pause
    The Connection Revisited Mood Lady is all about hitting the Pause button. She’s here to remind us of the importance of taking a step back. As we are smack dab Read more
  • Leaning into Adventure
    Let’s start off in one of my favorite ways and look at the dictionary definition of Adventure. M-w.com says: 1. an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks; 2. an exciting or Read more
  • What Role Can Lightness Play?
    There is much in the world that we can feel heavy about. It seems as time goes on, there are more and more senseless acts that cause us to question Read more
  • Let Your Uniqueness Flow
    Who am I? It’s such a good question and one that might take some pondering. Usually when we answer that question, we come up with roles – I’m a woman, I’m Read more
  • Who is Your Play-Full Self?
    Last week we discussed Experimenting, which can be an excellent way to make decisions and next steps feel lighter and a little less serious. This can bring in new energy Read more
  • Jumping into Experiments
    Sometimes when you have a choice to make it can seem overwhelming – maybe it’s about a step in your career, a project, a relationship, a business venture, a move Read more
  • Strengthening Your Deep Listening
    In December, I wrote about Listening. Check that blog post out here if you missed it – it’s  a great place to (re)-start if your Listening muscle is out of practice. At Read more
  • From Fragmentation to Wholeness
    (please note this is an edited version of the May 2016 Valentino Coaching newsletter – just minor changes have been made).  Following the impulses of the moods:When my sister Debra first Read more
  • The Refreshing Power of Gentleness
    Recently, I was a coach at the Career Center at the Watermark Conference for women. Twenty or so of us coaches sat as the 6,000 conference attendees had the opportunity Read more
  • Tuning In to What Feeds You
    What feeds you? It’s a powerful question and one I like to ask my clients often. In the beginning, they might not have a good answer. Many times they have Read more
  • Enlisting the Curiosity Ally
    Have you ever said Yes to doing something when your whole body and mind was screaming No? You end up doing it but you feel little joy and maybe even Read more
  • Noticing Your Shift Miracles
    Transformation is a part of every Artful Journey – living life on your own terms. When we become really aware of the choices we are making and begin living more Read more
  • Giving Yourself the Gift of Space
    Of all the elements of living an Artful Journey – a life lived on your own terms – the one that might be most neglected is Space. This is a tool Read more
  • Relishing YOUR Magic Moments
    Magic Moment: descriptive noun. 1. A moment when time seems to stop and you are immersed in the goodness – in whatever form it appears. 2. A brief time when you Read more
  • Tuning into Energy-Fueled Action
    Have you ever decided to do something and it’s as if there is some inner motor that is turned on & all you need to do is show up? Instead Read more
  • What Kind of Leader Are You?
    We all have our own definitions of what a good Leader is. However, I’d say this is one of those words that sometimes we haven’t REALLY defined for ourselves – Read more












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