• Stepping into Your Boldness
    A key element to living an Artful Journey – living life on your own terms – is stepping into your own unique formula of Boldness. Each of us has a different Read more
  • What Game Rules Are You Playing By?
    One of my favorite activities to give my clients is to have them explore the object and rules of how they are currently playing the Life Game. Many times this Read more
  • Exploring the Inner Gems of YOU!
    If you’re reading this post, I have a sneaking suspicion that you might be interested in something that I’m a big fan of….Exploration. The spirit of Exploration brings with it Read more
  • Going Kaleidoscopic!
    In January’s newsletter,  3 Excellent Reasons to Dream Big in 2016, we explored this idea of Dreaming – letting yourself tap into possibility and not being confined by what you Read more
  • 3 Reflection Tips To Lead You Into the New Year
    The end of the year. It’s amazing that it has arrived so quickly. The end of a year, the end of a month or season – these are all wonderful Read more
  • Connecting with Joy
    Joy. It’s such a short, simple word. Very uncomplicated, wouldn’t you say? But boy, don’t we sometimes make feeling it and experiencing it a lot more complicated than it needs Read more
  • How Nourished Are You?
    What feeds me – what nourishes me? This is an excellent question to have in your toolbox. So often, we forget to ask ourselves this question. We forget to check in Read more
  • Are You Truly Listening?
    Learning to TRULY listen to ourselves can take a bit of practice. With our busy lives and all the information and stimuli that is constantly coming in, there is often Read more
  • Are You Committed or Feeling Obligated?
    Every once in a while, it is an excellent idea to step back and reflect on what you are truly committed to in your life. Take a moment, now, to Read more
  • 3 Questions to Lead You Back to Powerful You
    So, you’re moving along your day and everything is fine, maybe even much better than fine. Then, something happens. It might be a comment from someone, a phone call, a Read more
  • Where did You go?
    A client of mine, let’s call her Lucy, and I were recently having a discussion about putting some more activities in her weekly schedule that would add to her overall Read more
  • Do You Practice TRUE Self-Care?
    Recently I’ve been using strong language when it comes to Self-Care – talking about an epidemic of over-committed, over-worked, over-giving people (mostly women) & saying we need a Self-Care Revolution. Sounds a Read more
  • Are You Living Your Artful Journey?
    A while back an author friend mine, Sally Wolfe, came up with a title for my coaching work & the product line I’ve created. Sally is an accomplished copywriter as well so Read more
  • Where’s Your REAL Focus?
    There was a time that all I focused on was my weight. People who didn’t know me then often find this surprising. Looking back, I see it as a very Read more
  • 3 Behaviors That Might Be Scaring Off the Clarity You’re Looking For
    As summer is coming to a close (at least month-wise although not weather-wise for most of us), it’s a good time to re-group, re-assess, re-align ourselves as we move into Read more
  • 1 Small Step Toward More Self-Care
    My coaching and the products I’ve created, The Mood Ladies, are all about promoting self-care. I see so many people, especially women, over-committed, exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed. Often they aren’t able Read more












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